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🎁 SUPPORT OUR CHANNEL TODAY AND GET REWARDS: 🤍 ✏️ DESCRIPTION: You think it is easy to create all our SFM FNAF videos? Springtrap doesn't think so... P.S.: we had to reupload this vid beacause of music copyright issues in previous version. But we add some easter eggs into it. Are you careful enough to find them? :) 🎬 ORIGINAL VIDEO & SOUND: 🤍 🎵 MUSIC CREDITS: Music from "Epidemic sounds" 🤍 📧 FOR BUSINESS AND FAN-MAIL: goldenlanestudio🤍 ✅ FOLLOW US: 🤍 🤍 🤍 #GoldenLane #FNAF #FNAFAnimation

[FNAF/SFM] The Animatronics Do Get A Bit Quirky At Night


An ordinary night at the animatronics, nothing special Discord: Wal2k 8263 #fnaf #animation #nightfreddys #fnaf2 #fnafmemes #fnaf2memes #theanimatronicsdogetabitquirkyatnight #fnaf2meme #freddy #freddyfazbear #witheredfreddy #toys #withered #nightanimatronics #animationvideo #sfm #memes #meme #springbonnie #fnafmovie #fnafleak #fnaf2mem #omg

[SFM FNaF] Sinister vs Ignited


SFM FNaF Sinister Animatronics vs Ignited (Five Nights at Freddy's Fight Animation) In this FNAF animation, the Sinister Animatronics are up against the Ignited. Make sure you watch to the end to see who wins Social Media: Twitter: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 Five Nights At Freddy's Game Belongs Scott Cawthon.

[SFM FNAF] Anomaly of Destiny 3


FNAF - The Stories - Season 4 - Episode 29 Thank you to all the patrons for supporting my content! BECOME MY PATRON HERE: 🤍 Music: Drifting at 432 Hz - Unicorn Heads Wolf Mother - Loopop Rain Fuse - French Fuse 0:00 - 0:11 Intro 0:11 - 6:34 Anomaly of Destiny 3 6:34 - 6:54 Outro

fnaf movie leak (FNAF/SFM)


fnaf movie scene leak! real! no cap! #fnaf #fivenightsatfreddys #fnafmovie #freddyfazbear #freddy #sfm #animations #vaportrynottolaugh #meme #memes #fnafmemes #animated

How FNAF Security Breach was SUPPOSED to end... (SFM)


Thankyou Hotdog for making this for me!!! You da best! 🤍TheHottestDog Leave a like if you enjoyed today's video! Lots of love! Become a Dawkbro! 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 USE CODE DAWKO AT GFUEL CHECKOUT FOR A DISCOUNT! 🤍 Discord: 🤍 MERCH: 🤍 NINDAWKO - 🤍 Join this channel to get access to perks: 🤍

[SFM FNaF] Sinister vs Ignited WITH Healthbars


Sinister vs Ignited WITH Healthbars In This Security Breach FNAF features, The animations on Radiem Cinema include Arcade Mayhem, Hoaxes, FNaF AR, and Twisted. They all have healthbars and they both battle it out. Make sure you watch to the end to see who wins. #fnafvs Music: Metropolis from Epidemic Sounds #amandatheadventurer #fnaf #fnafvs Old Memories Season 2: 🤍 Old Memories Season 3: 🤍 Subscribe and let us know if you want to see more FNAF Fight animations!

[FNAF/SFM] Five Nights at Freddy's 8th Anniversary Special!


8 whole years of Freddy's, time really does fly by. It really feels like yesterday that I was watching Markipliers first fnaf video thinking that the bonnie on his thumbnail was a seal lol. So fun fact, I was really close to not getting this out on time, I encountered a blue screen of death while making this and multiple rendering errors caused me a lot of suffering, but through my love for the freddy fazbear saga I managed to pull through, tho apologies if the quality isn't top notch. Through all of the ups and many downs of this community, I wouldn't be here today without it, and I have you guys to thank for it and of course Scott Cawthon for making this beloved series xoxo mhuah _ MUSIC USED: 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 The rest of the music used is fnaf ambience or soundtracks. _ VOICE ACTORS: MAKE SURE TO FOLLOW ALL OF THEM! FREDDY FAZBEAR - 🤍 FOXY - 🤍Griglager PIGPATCH - 🤍Griglager NIGHTMARE BONNIE - 🤍j-gems WITHERED CHICA - 🤍 WITHERED FOXY -🤍jxderlxve FREDBEAR - 🤍 AFTONS - 🤍jxderlxve GLITCHTRAP - 🤍j-gems _ Huge thanks to Soup for making the afton suits! 🤍 Huge thanks to 🤍SMP73_ for animating the glamrock freddy death run! Watermark made by 🤍HidekiTheGogglesBoy Thumbnail art made by Snartles: 🤍 Jaws parody poster made by Funki: 🤍 _ CHANNEL MEMBERS! Bon Flareheart 8 𝕾𝖑𝖎𝖕𝖕𝖞 FNAF Godzilla among us ryder the hedgehog Edu Munhoz DankMemesShow SFazbear Productions Joder Love Bonnie YT 2022 ZCrafterMC Navilingyr Lolmare's World Impulse Marcello_TIMEnice30 Mellon finn Project Cyan GrimStingray427 Peter Wilton Sammy N' Friends TrabBear69 TestSubject228 Joey Moe Evan Afton Alien Itzel Martinez isaac1420 MikeTGC Moonlight 1478 Derpy_Horse4 Skiidoodles Join this channel to get access to perks: 🤍 _ Join this channel to get access to perks: 🤍 Mah Twitter: 🤍 Get ur own hotdog plush!: 🤍 #fnaf #thankyouscott #fnafsecuritybreach #fivenightsatfreddys #fivenightsatfreddyssecuritybreach

[SFM FNaF] Deathrock vs Security Breach Melodies WITH Healthbars


SFM FNaF Deathrock vs Security Breach Melodies WITH Healthbars (Five Nights at Freddy's Fight Animation) In this FNAF healthbar animation, all the characters from Deathrock are up against the Security Breach Melodies characters and more. They all battle it out. Make sure you watch to the end to see who wins. Let us know if you enjoy FNAF animation videos and we will be sure to upload Five Nights at Freddy's Animations. WATCH SFM FNaF SFM Reactivated vs Shattered Security Breach WITH Healthbars: 🤍 Music by 🤍 Join the discord server: 🤍 If you enjoyed this animation please leave a like and subscribe if you want more FNAF animations. (Five Nights at Freddy's Fight Animation)

[SFM FNAF] Never Be Alone by Shadrow


Well, After 1 month I've done this :D Hope you like this ^^ -Links- My second channel: 🤍 deviantart: 🤍 twitter: 🤍 Steam: 🤍 Shadrow: 🤍 Cybno(He made a Thumbnail): 🤍 Song: 🤍

[SFM/FNAF] Five Funky Night's at Freddy's 2


EDIT: this is an old crappy video i made long before i figured out how to use SFM. if you can find some enjoyment in this well... good for you. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ok so i started this about the same time that i finished the fist five funky night's at freddy's and i just finished today... so first off... i wanted this animation to be longer in certain parts but i ended up reaching the memory limit of sfm (which is like 3000 mb) so i did have to trim back a few parts... second... i am still stuck on pose to pose animation... i seriously have not figured out how to animate with the graph editor or make the smooth movements that i have seen in other videos. the fact that i was able to make this and the last video on just pose to pose animation still amazes me sometimes and last but most definitley not least... shoutouts! so first of all i want to thank gold94chica massively for all the feedback on the animation and even helping me come up with ideas for the story. you are awesome! go subscribe to him: 🤍 i want to thank nsyubakastudio on DA for being an awesome artist and for letting me use the amazing puppet pic that you saw at the end lol she can be found here: 🤍 and that should wrap it up! oh and i forgot... song list! first song is right here: 🤍 song on the versus scene: 🤍 chica vs. chica song: 🤍 freddy vs toy freddy song: 🤍 mangle twister scene song: 🤍 rage mangle chase/bonnie vs toy bonnie scene: 🤍 springtrap VS. GF song: 🤍 this is the song that plays while BB is talking: 🤍 the mlg dance scene song: 🤍 and finally the puppet sad song: 🤍 That should be all of them!



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Fnaf movie leak but in high quality (FNAF/SFM)


High quality fnaf movie scene leak! no cap! #fnaf #fivenightsatfreddys #fivenightsatfreddys #animations #fnafmemes #fnafmovie #freddy #freddyfazbear #meme #memes #sfm #vaportrynottolaugh #animated

FNaF-SFM | You Can't Hide | Song by @CK9C


Well after a year of procrastinating and delays, it's finally here! I could've gotten this sooner but I had other things to do and kind of got distracted with FNaF Security Breach. I hope you all enjoy the video and PLEASE share it around, it'll mean alot! Thank you being here and until we meet again! My Twitter- 🤍 Amazing art by 🤍zyght_th You Can't Hide Title drawn by FionaLexin 🤍 Song Creator: 🤍 Song: 🤍 Get the track! iTunes - 🤍 Spotify - 🤍 Google Play - 🤍 Amazon Music - 🤍 BandCamp - 🤍 SoundCloud - 🤍 Project started- March 1st 2021 project finished/uploaded- May 16th 2022 4:45pm EST Time Models and other assets belong to their respected owners. I only own the animation production!

Most Accurate FNaF SFM Models 2021 Edition


Downloads: 🤍 Discord Server: 🤍 All songs owned by Scott Cawthon and Steel Wool Studios. Models belong to their respective owners #FiveNightsatFreddys #FNaF #Accurate

[FNAF/SFM MEME] Freddy's Pawn Shop!


Back to the gud ol memes:) Audio: 🤍 🤍 _ Mah Twitter: 🤍 Get ur own hotdog plush!: 🤍 #FNAF #Freddy #sfm

[SFM/FNaF] Freddina Fazbear's Night Club Serie Ep: 5 THE FINAL NIGHT P1 (Noche 5)


#fnia #cally3d #fnaf #fivenightsatfreddys #fnaf#fnafparodia #humor #fnia #fnia3d #animatronicas #freddinanightclub #cally3d #sfmfnaf #sfm #sfm_animations #fnafseries Después de tanto tiempo y sobre explotación laboral, aquí esta el cap 5 disfrútenlo Intagram 🤍 facebook 🤍 twitter 🤍 Canal principal 🤍 Models by: Crypta Curve Port by: Iron Wolf

[SFM FNaF] Hoaxes vs Garten of Banban Chapter 3


SFM FNaF Hoaxes vs Garten of Banban Chapter 3 (Five Nights at Freddy's Fight Animation) In this FNAF animation, the Hoaxes characters are up fighting against the Garten of Banban Chapter 3 Animatronics. Make sure you watch to the end to see who wins. Let us know if you enjoy FNAF animation videos and we will be sure to upload Five Nights at Freddy's Animations. Watch SFM FNaF Deathrock vs Creepy: 🤍 Join the Discord Server: 🤍 🤍 🤍 Music by 🤍

[SFM] FNaF The Musical Complete Series By Random Encounters-DNC414


It's More Than A Year Since I Started This Series, Now It's Time To Give It A Propper End. Ha Pasado Más De Un Año Desde Que Comencé Esta Serie, Ahora Es Tiempo De Darle Un Final Apropiado. Original Video: 🤍 Production Time (Between Night And Night 6): (5/08/2021-1/10/2021) (58 Days) Production Time (Full Musical): (231 Days) Get The Song On ITunes: 🤍 Random Encounters: 🤍 Markiplier: 🤍 XANDER MOBUS (Freddy): 🤍 SARAH WILLIAMS (Chica): 🤍 AJ PINKERTON (Bonnie/Purple Guy): 🤍 DAVID KING (Foxy/Voice of Phone Guy): 🤍 MATPAT (Phone Guy): 🤍 Musical arrangement by Matthew Merenda ( Baby I Love You played by Raymy Krumrei #DNC414 #FNaF #RandomEncounters

[SFM FNAF] Collab part for Glitchfnaf -_- | FNAF SONG Welcome To Freddy's by Madame Macabre


Song 🤍 Madame Macabre 🤍 Glitchfnaf -_- 🤍

[SFM/FNAF] FNAF Community in May be like:


For real though FNAF Fans are eating GOOD this year! With the FNAF Movie, Security Breach Ruin and Help Wanted 2 trailers all in one month. Inspired by: 🤍 go follow my twitter where I post about practically anything: 🤍 #fivenightsatfreddys #fnafmovie #sfm #fnafsecuritybreach #fnaf (don't mind these just some goofy tags) fnaf security breach fnaf movie fnaf world fnaf characters fnaf songs fnaf 4 fnaf plushies fnaf ar fnaf animatronics fnaf action figures fnaf anime fnaf ar merch fnaf art fnaf afton family fnaf all characters a fnaf fighting game a fnaf song a fnaf story a fnaf toys a fnaf security guard a fnaf puppet fnaf plush a fnaf timeline fnaf books fnaf bonnie fnaf backgrounds fnaf ballora fnaf baby fnaf book series fnaf books in order fnaf bunny call fnaf b.o.a fnaf birthday fnaf b&m bonnie fnaf fnaf birthday party c.b fnaf b trap fnaf beautiful o.b fnaf fnaf costume fnaf chica fnaf cosplay fnaf circus baby fnaf coloring pages fnaf characters names fnaf cursed images fnaf c d + fnaf c d + cheat fnaf c fnaf c baby fnaf world.c fnaf c.b cookieswirlc fnaf may c fnaf fnaf drawings fnaf download fnaf disney fnaf demo fnaf discord fnaf drawkill fnaf dreadbear fnaf drawings easy fnaf d c d + fnaf d coin fnaf fnaf 3d motion d fnaf fanfiction fnaf d cups d pad gamer fnaf c d + fnaf 2 fnaf ennard fnaf elizabeth fnaf endoskeleton fnaf eleanor fnaf exotic butters fnaf easter eggs fnaf explained fnaf el chip fnaf ebook fnaf e song fnaf email fnaf e office lefty fnaf pizzeria fnaf e fnaf e real fnaf free fnaf foxy fnaf fanart fnaf freddy fnaf fan games fnaf funko pop fnaf free play fnaf free download fnaf games fnaf gif fnaf glitchtrap fnaf games free fnaf games unblocked fnaf gacha life fnaf golden freddy fnaf games in order fnaf gmod fnaf g major gmod fnaf map fnaf g freddy ava g fnaf ava g fnaf 2 rap ava g fnaf animations ivan g fnaf fnaf help wanted fnaf halloween fnaf halloween costumes fnaf henry fnaf help wanted mobile fnaf helpy fnaf human fnaf hoodie hf naf buffer hf naf buffer equation hf naf fnaf h fnaf h game fnaf into the pit fnaf images fnaf in real life fnaf into madness fnaf in the flesh fnaf irl fnaf it's been so long fnaf into the pit spring bonnie is fnaf real is fnaf world free is fnaf security breach out is fnaf based on a true story is fnaf a bad game is fnaf security breach vr is fnaf a real place is fnaf free fnaf jumpscare fnaf jumpscare gif fnaf jeremy fnaf joy of creation fnaf jumpscare sound fnaf jj fnaf join us for a bite fnaf jack black jj fnaf jj fnaf world jj fnaf jumpscare jj fnaf ultimate custom night jj fnaf plush jj fnaf voice jj fnaf lines jj fnaf song fnaf kids fnaf killer in purple fnaf kids names fnaf keychains fnaf kitchen fnaf kahoot fnaf kissing fnaf kawaii fnaf lore fnaf lego fnaf lefty fnaf lolbit fnaf logo fnaf lego sets fnaf lyrics fnaf lore explained l fnaf freddy l.e.f.t.y fnaf fnaf sl song fnaf i got no time fnaf all chica fnaf i got mangle in fnaf fnaf memes fnaf mangle fnaf merch fnaf movie release date fnaf music fnaf minecraft fnaf movie cast fnaf m.vk fnaf m.u.g.e.n m vk fnaf packs b&m fnaf fnaf follow me m rated fnaf fanfiction s.a.m fnaf m.vk fnaf dc2 fnaf nightmare fnaf new game fnaf night guard fnaf nightmare fredbear fnaf nintendo switch fnaf news fnaf names fnaf nightmare foxy fnaf n word fnaf and foxy fnaf on scratch fnaf in world fnaf and. springtrap fnaf 4 n freddy n bb fnaf n word meme fnaf fnaf online fnaf oc fnaf office fnaf online unblocked fnaf oc maker fnaf office background fnaf old man consequences fnaf o fnaf no download fnaf o filme fnaf o jogo fnaf o quarto armario fnaf o que é fnaf puppet fnaf pictures fnaf pizzeria simulator fnaf purple guy fnaf poster fnaf phone guy fnaf p mini p fnaf p goon fnaf world puppet fnaf fnac p.t fnaf p.t gamejolt fnaf p.t download fnaf quotes fnaf questions fnaf quiz questions fnaf quiz buzzfeed fnaf quiz fnaf questions to ask fnaf quotes ucn fnaf quest fnaf q song que animatronico de fnaf eres fnaf q apk que es fnaf q es fnafhs que personaje de fnaf 4 eres que son fnafhs que personaje de fnaf 2 eres fnaf roblox fnaf release date fnaf roblox id fnaf real fnaf roxanne wolf fnaf rockstar fnaf real life fnaf reddit r fnafcringe r/fnaf theories r/fnaf ar r/fnaflore r/fnafb r/fnaf world r/fnaf hate r/fnaf ships fnaf sister location fnaf ships fnaf simulator fnaf springtrap fnaf scratch fnaf song lyrics is fnaf real yes or no fnaf toys fnaf timeline fnaf toy chica fnaf trailer fnaf the twisted ones fnaf try not to laugh fnaf the silver eyes fnaf toy bonnie fnaf t shirt fnaf t pose fnaf t shirt amazon fnaf t shirt roblox fnaf t fnaf t shirt girl fnaf t or d fnaf t shirt ebay fnaf unblocked fnaf ultimate custom night fnaf ucn fnaf security breach ruin fnaf help wanted 2 fnaf movie



!!! This video is moderately safe for people with photosensitive epilepsy !!! -AKA Springtrap is thrown around for 2 1/2 minutes. - Hello! I never thought my next post would've been a FNaF video, but here I am! I wasn't planning on a big explanation for this video, but this was a video I'd started toying around with when I first got this PC and decided to pick up a month or so later. I'd be a liar to say I couldn't do better, but small gripes aside I'm relatively proud of this video and can semi-confidently say there may even be a new (and better) video in the works soon. Keep your eyes peeled, and I hope to see you all soon! - Sprin - 🤍 🤍 🤍 #FNAF #SFM

[SFM/FNAF] Just Gold Collab Part 19 for @RoboSFM


Just Gold: 🤍 Host: 🤍RoboSFM Collab: 🤍

(FNaF SFM) Afton Family | By KryFuZe (Remixed by APAngryPiggy)


Here's an animation that took me about a week to make! I'm very proud of how this came out, and I hope you all enjoy it! Original Song by KryFuZe​ 🤍 Remix by APAngryPiggy: 🤍 Merchandise: 🤍

When me and my friends react to FNaF trailers [FNaF/SFM] #Shorts


I am shocked and very excited about this (FNaF Moive, DLC Ruin, HW2 is coming on this years) Hope you enjoy! FOLLOW ME ON: DeviantArt: 🤍 TikTok: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 Like and Subscribe! #FNaF #SFM #PKFNaFSFM #PKFNaF_SFM #FNaFTrailer #FNaFMoive #FNaFSecurityBreachDLCRuin #FNaFHelpWanted2 #PizzaTowerMemes #Shorts

(FNaF/ SFM) FNAF 4 Jumpscares 2021 Remake


Join my bad discord : 🤍



Here's a thing to fill the void until my next project is finished.

[FNAF/SFM MEME] Happy Anniversary FNAF 6!


Happy 4th bday fnaf 6! definitely one of the highlights of the franchise for me when it surprisingly came out as the 6th installment instead of a tiny tycoon game. But it also gave us scraptrap so uh... Honestly tho im really running out of motivation for these videos so hopefully Security Breach can refill my motivation tank lol _ Join this channel to get access to perks: 🤍 Mah Twitter: 🤍 Get ur own hotdog plush!: 🤍 #FNAF #FFPS #FNAF6

[SFM\FNAF] Springtrap Talks to Michael Afton #fnaf #shorts


Springtrap from five nights at freddy's 3 talks to michael afton. Subscribe for more fnaf shorts. #fnaf #fivenightsatfreddys #fnafshorts #shorts Second half of the audio is from 🤍markiplier

[Fnaf SFM Short] Waltz of Malice (Cover by LittleJayneyCakes)


Small note: The original Song (in japanese) was made by Kikuo. I used an EDIT of an English cover made by someone who's video version I also linked to in the description. This song version is using LittleJayneyCakes' vocals and edited the pitch and keeps the same music in the background as the original version made by Kikuo. I chose this since I really like that the song's lyrics fit to Fnaf UCN which is the reason why I chose it and the music is very well done :) I first hesitated to upload this because I don't like the way it turned out I first used the original japanese version but I then switched to an english cover version because the lyrics are easier to understand (also put in subtitles) This short took longer- I basically need 1 week for one minute if I rush it a bit. I definetily rushed the last 20 seconds and once again the longer I look at my stuff the more I don't like how it turned out xD I don't nknow why but everytime I rendered most backgrounds have a really bad quality (not just because of the blur but it's visible that the resolution is bad for some reason) A lot of shots rather look unintentionally funny. And I once again used simular story/ideas that I tried to put into one thing. Not sure how active I'll be at the moment because I need to focus on an assignment. - Song Credits: Kikuo - うらみのワルツ (Original Song Jap.): 🤍 Kikuo's Channel: 🤍 「English Cover」Waltz of Malice (Kikuo / Vocaloid)【Jayn】(Used vocals): 🤍 LittleJayneyCakes' Channel: 🤍 [LittleJayneyCakes] Waltz of Malice (in the original key) (I used this version that someone mixed out of both linked songs above): 🤍 I'll try to credit as many models as possbile tomorrow on here. Since this is a ''longer'' SFM there might be not enough space in this description to fit all of it in here Moon by Juggernaut on Steam Mangle: Model: DaMikel Port: Tyrexchip Minireena (Help Wanted): Model : Scott Cawthon and SteelWool Port : LunaticHugo Bonnet: [Part 2] FNAF SL CHRISTMAS RELEASE (Weirdos) 🤍 [FNAF] HW FNAF2 Map Assets: Original models done by Scott Cawthon. Help Wanted models made by Steel Wool. Bonbunfilms for extracting the assets from the game. Original PBR materials by Steel Wool. MinifigJoe for Porting the Assets to Source FilmMaker. Funtime Foxy an Circus Baby: 🤍 Flower Crown from 12foxy12 on Steam Vegetation and rocks props [Dead By Daylight]: from MARK2580 on Steam Ballora by T.M from the SL Vr Pack [FNaF][Team VR] Five Nights at Freddy's Model Pack 1: 🤍 The Fredbear's Family Diner Map V3 is private and was from WeaselWare Cupcake and Butterfly from Spicy_Apples on Steam Rockstar Foxy and R. Freddy by Chuiza Kid/Vengeful Spirit/The One You Should Have Not Killed: 🤍 Whirlpool: 🤍 Nightmare Fredbear: [FNAF] FNAF4 Model Pack Part 3 (By: HectorMKG) 🤍 Ennard: Model/Character by Scott Cawthon Retopology by Steel Wool Studios Fixed/Edited/Ported by Frisk Fnaf balloons: Happiest Day Props Models and Textures by Myles the Hedgehog on Steam Afton Hell: 🤍 Puppet and Box: Modeled by Sab Ported by RobGamings Env by Rynfox Wires by RobGamings and AustinTheBear Fnaf 1 plushies by RobGamings and ChuizaProductions Grass for Scenebuilds: Original Model on sfmlab by lordaardvark from galen on Steam Dreadbear (Help Wanted): Scott Cawthon and Steel Wool: original models BlueFlytrap: PBR method tetTris: extracting and porting of models [FNaF FFD] Fredbear Release: Textures: Nekroz Mats: Ludup Models Fix: Ludup Final edits: Nekroz & Ludup Springtrap AR Fix by Holopaxume/Thudner: Models by Scott/Illumix From Thudner and Mountroid on Steam Ultimate Custom Night [MAP]: from Mr_Mike on Steam DOOM 2016 Skydome: from LUDEXUS on Steam [FFPS] ScrapBaby Model: Model by: Ludomcraft Port by: Shaffow Sky Cielo: from Koval on Steam Particle Presets [Smoke/Fog/DustParticles/Rain/alotofstuff] from baconn on Steam

[FNAF\SFM] St. Patricks day special


It d o n e. sorry for it being a little late on this, had other things to do. Hope you enjoy! And as always, reactions are allowed! Here is all of the audio used in this bois: Theme:🤍 Fredbear's hhhmmmm:🤍 Police noises:🤍 Nightmare BB's voice:🤍 THE PUPPETS THEME:🤍 Fredbear's voice:🤍 Italian freddys voices:🤍 The Bible:🤍 Brekfast D A D:🤍 Foxy's wank material:🤍 - The boi who made the awesome thumbnail: 🤍 ALL TEXT TO SPEECH VOICES ARE MADE IN SPEAKONIA:🤍 I only own the animation , none of the audio, maps, or models are mine. all of the models and maps can be found on the SFM workshop.

Montgomery DESTROYS Glamrock Bonnie... [FNAF:SB/SFM]


This video only exists to test youtube's algorithm, that is all. Have a good day:) _ CHANNEL MEMBERS! EndoBot.010 king saif CatWithTuxedo Mihay yt Evan Afton The Golden Bear ryder the hedgehog MikeGamer023 Flareheart 8 Alien Itzel Martinez isaac1420 MikeTGC Moonlight 1478 Joey Moe Derpy_Horse4 Skiidoodles ZerrekTheDog Join this channel to get special access and shout outs! 🤍 _ Join this channel to get access to perks: 🤍 Mah Twitter: 🤍 Get ur own hotdog plush!: 🤍 #FNAF #SecurityBreach #GlamrockBonnie

[SFM/FNAF/AU] You Belong Here by JTMusic ft. Andrea Storm Kaden


Ok, being sincere, this is not my best work made by me cuz for some mistakes, there are shots made a long time ago and i didnt remade it so maybe you will notice a difference in the style of the animation, light error, etc. But for me, its the most waited (because i was doing this for almost one year) and maybe, one of the most important videos in my channel, there are parts it look so cringe but i dont care, im proud of this project that, as you will see, will affect the future of the channel. So, i just hope you enjoy this video ;) Oh, I almost forgot, Im not gonna remake this animation, really, it was so hard and problematic for me to finish this Original song: 🤍 Song creator: 🤍 Female vocal: 🤍 Programs used: SourceFilmmaker, Hitfilms Express, Adobe Photoshop PD: Yeah, the voice that appears in the end it was made by me :3

[FNaF SFM] Survive The Night


Had to make many changes just so SFM wouldn't crash :/ The Withered and Toys were supposed to interact and be on screen at the same time but SFM was having none of it. Hopefully I'll get started with "It's Time to Die" and finally finish it. (4 different attempts but something always went wrong when I try to make it)

[sfm/fnaf] outside your window collab part


song by 🤍APAngryPiggy

[SFM/FNAF/Music] - Murder! -


WARNING: THIS VIDEO CONTAINS VERY GRAPHIC FOOTAGE/IMAGES, FLICKERING LIGHTS AND SCENE'S. BEWARE! Well, here is OUR new work, yes, OUR! I did a 1 on 1 collab with SterlingFM, my main man! The production of this animation took absurdly long, this is due to me wanting to animate this song in a collab with Myszka11o. Since she originally animated a part of this song. Even though i was done with my part in a week or so, she took more then 3 months and had nothing to present. Thus i went to Sterling, and he was more then able to fill in the loss. I feel like my part could've been better if i redid it, since it's more then 3 months old, but i had other things to do :P Don't worry by the way; me and Sterling are both fine, we aren't going murderous crazy :P We hope you enjoy! Please flag, ignore or downvote offensive/mean comments. We are here to have a good time, after all. All the audio and other representations belong to their respectfull owners. Thanks in advance. I solely own the animation, editing. SterlingFM's channel: 🤍 Song: 🤍 Thanks for watching!

[SFM FNAF] THIS IS HALLOWEEN - The Nightmare Before Christmas FNaF Song Animation (2018 REMAKE)


DISCLAIMER: This video is not set in my AU Happy Halloween! Last year's one was terrible. Hope this one is better! This Is Halloween by Tim Burton Places you can find me ► DEVIANTART: 🤍 ► REDDIT: 🤍 ► STEAM: 🤍

[FNaF Sfm] Suicide Ocean (full animation)


⚠️This animation contains flashing lights fast moving images sensitive subjects and gore. Be warned!⚠️ The models used in this animation Ufmp - Freddy, Bonnie, Chica, Foxy, Withered Freddy Withered Bonnie, Withered Chica, Withered Foxy, Withered GoldenFreddy, Puppet, Backstage Toastmations & me - Springbonnie, WitheredSpringbonnie, Springlocked, Springtrap, Axechamber and Axe Fnafhc - Crying child Derpity ellis - Wfoxy child Hope you enjoyed! =Production time = 3 weeks= =Credits= =Song= 🤍 =Author= 🤍 =Animation, Thumbnail and editing done by me= 🛑Do not reupload my video to any social platforms!!!🛑

[FNAF SFM] Новая жизнь Все Серии (ФНАФ Анимация)


#fnafsfm #новаяжизнь #aksstudio Друзья, встречайте весь сериал Новая жизнь в одном Ролике. Это сериал по вселенной Пять ночей с Фредди, где четверо друзей стали аниматрониками. Им придется привыкнуть к новому облику и побороть все зло которое их окружает. Приятного просмотра! Канал AKSON: 🤍 Группа Вконтакте: 🤍 Наши инстаграмы: 🤍 🤍 00:00:00 "Интро" 00:00:46 Дисклеймер 00:01:10 2 Сезон 00:14:42 3 Сезон 00:54:36 4 Сезон 01:51:32 5 Сезон 02:35:00 6 Сезон 03:25:02 7 Сезон 04:11:24 Конец

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